4 Psychological Ways to Get Your Ex Back - These Tricks Might Be Dirty But Sure Are Damn Effective

Published: 29th April 2010
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If you understand human nature, you will have a much better chance of getting your ex back through psychology. What makes another human being want to be with you or any person is the key to getting your ex back....

The first thing you have to realize is that your ex tended to take you for granted. They knew you would be there no matter how they treated you. You either rebelled against this idea or you went along with it. If you won't let them take you for granted then you will have aroused their curiosity about what has changed you. This will make you look irresistible to them so you have a good chance of having them back in your life.

The second reason to look at is that people always want what is denied them. Make yourself unavailable to your ex. This will start a chase that should end with you back in his or her arms.

Next up is respect; men especially need this in their love life. They are supposed to be the provider, the protector in a relationship. Psychologically speaking you must make them feel this way.

If you are unable to give them this precious gift then they will seek it from someone else. That is why you need to use psychology to get your ex back. You really should be able to admire your ex's traits as well as respect them. If you are looking to get your lady back then you should know that they want to feel appreciation along with attention. If you have ignored your partner in the past or made them feel unworthy you will need to change your attitude.

Using these four psychological ways, you should have no problems with winning your ex back. When you have a relationship that is based on this knowledge you should be able to work out any previous problems.

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