4 Psychological Tricks to Make Any Girl Like You! Amazingly Effective Tricks You Can't Miss

Published: 13th May 2010
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Being the most popular guy in town is a coveted dream that most boys have. Fortunately it is not an impossible task to make girls like you - the secret is knowing exactly what to do. Nobody wants to be ignored - follow these tips and become one of the hottest guys in your town!

Change your appearance. The girls should notice you in the crowd. Wear smart and stylish clothes that will make your friends look sloppy. Don't strut around like a peacock, but look cool and confident. The girls should notice that you are comfortable in your skin and not someone who is putting on a show for them. No girl likes a slob!

Be natural and a 'fun person' to be with. Girls will always like a guy with a great sense of humor, who can make them laugh. It is okay to be 'just a friend' in the beginning. This will give the girls a chance to get to know you better and to trust you more.

Never ogle a girl and make sure you keep your eyes at face level only. Sly shifting eyes will put them off. Keep those hands to yourself! No girl likes to be touched without permission. You will earn her respect if you keep your distance.

Always be ready to lend a helping hand. Girls love it when you open doors, give them a lift home, offer them a jacket to keep the chilly air off, and basically all the typical things a gentleman does. Know that all girls like to be treated like a lady, not a tramp! Pay her sincere compliments without being a flatterer who is out to get sexual favors. A girl can see through a conniving philanderer, so beware!

It is easy to see that a guy who is well groomed, sincere and fun loving is going to be liked by one and all. Make sure you have all the above qualities and you will not lack admirers!

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