4 Psychological Tactics to Make Girls Like You! Girls Would Be Literally Addicted to You After This

Published: 29th April 2010
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You may not have the physical attributes to attract girls. But girls do not go just for good looks or the money either. You can use psychological tactics to make girls like you...

Ignore her-

The company that the girl of your desires keeps should be your target. Talk, laugh and keep the group in splits while you do not speak directly to your target. Girls just get drawn to the men who side-track them. Despite her efforts to join in on the conversation ignore what she says.

Do not show interest in her-

Even though you try to be in the same group as your targeted girl, but do not let her gauge that. Let your conversations be full of other girls and how accomplished and gifted they are. Praise and appreciate them and some of them in the group more so than others while you leave your girl out. She'll wonder what is wrong with her.

Pretend that you're chasing someone else-

Even though you may not really be interested in any other girl, you must pretend that you're interested in someone else and are wondering how to let it be known to the other girl. Your girl will now be more attracted to you and would vie for your attention.

Be the center of attraction-

If there is a game or sport, a stage or platform, which interests you then pursue it with doggedness. Become a hero of all the girls around and make sure you are surrounded by them especially in the presence of the girl of your dreams. She too might just try to be part of that group but pretend not to notice her, yet take cognizance of the others.

With these few psychological tactics to back you, you will be able to attract as many girls as you like and the one whom you set your eyes on will be there for the taking.

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