4 Psychological Tactics to Make Girls Like You - They Would Be Literally Addicted to You After This

Published: 29th April 2010
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Even if you're not strong or handsome there are still plenty of ways to attract girls. Believe it or not girls aren't all interested in bucket loads of money or good looks. There are actually a number of psychological tactics that can be used to make the girls like you....

Play hard to get-

If there's a girl that you like then make sure you don't appear desperate, you should play hard to get. Don't speak directly to the girl that you like, instead you can talk to the whole group, be witty and funny so that the whole group like you. If she tries to join in on the conversation then just ignore her a little. This will make her want to talk to you more.

Do not show her that you like her-

Even though you are with her friends you shouldn't let on that you like her. Make sure that you talk about other girls and appreciate what other people have done, never single that one girl out. She will start to think about herself and ask whether there is anything wrong with herself.

After someone else-

To throw her well and truly off the scent you should try suggesting that you are interested in another girl. This will cause the girl you like to become jealous and also get attracted to you.

Get attention-

You should do some activity which gets you attention, this will cause lots of girls to like you. This will be beneficial as your girl will start to realize what she might be missing out on if she doesn't snap you up soon. If she joins your fan club then try to ignore her a little to make her much more keen for your attention!

Just these few psychological tactics can be more than enough to land the girl of your dreams, just give some of them a go!

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