4 Proven Signs of Cheating - Here is Something You Must Be Aware of Before It's Too Late For You

Published: 29th April 2010
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It could be that your partner is simply busy with work but on the other hand, your partner could already be cheating on you. Trust is a big aspect in any relationship but too much trust would be exploited and be the reason why some cheat on their partners. There are signs, which could help you detect cheating....

Distant- you could be seeing each other everyday yet it's as if they are not there. They become indifferent to everything. There is less communication, less intimacy, less interest in each other. There is no more spark and they just seem wish that they are somewhere else.

Most of the time, they try to avoid you. They become more and more secretive and demand to have lots of space and time. They are emotionally distant from you and seem to prefer doing other things than be around you.

Erratic behavior- your partner suddenly becomes hot headed and quarrels you for the simplest reasons or suddenly becomes very sweet to you. These are signs of guilt that they are trying to hide or they are trying to shift the blame on you.

Change in appearance and interests- Your partner may suddenly take interest in the way they look. They start to dress well and take care of their personal appearance. They look as if they were dressed to impressed.

Aside from having a new look, they might also have different interests like a new found taste in music. They acquire different habits, philosophies which they could have copied from their new partner.

Things don't add up- there are unexplainable expenses charged to your partner's credit card or money suddenly becomes a problem. Gas mileage in the car doesn't add up or is more than what should be. Your partner is always on the phone or chatting with somebody else "important".

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