4 Proven Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back! Here is Something No One Will Share

Published: 11th May 2010
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Getting your ex back is no mean feat! It somehow has the feel of being 'a conniving scheming' person who would do anything to get his/her ex back! Nevertheless if you are in the category of those people who would love a second chance with your ex, then know this - there are ways of luring him/her back into your arms. Sometimes playing psychological games have a greater effect than just the physical stimulus you can provide.

The first thing to do is to check whether your ex is open to the idea of getting back with you! Does he/she still have feelings for you? If you are sure of this then the best approach would be to take things slowly (after all you know that your ex would like to come back) and not be too desperate and come on too strong!

You could pretend that you are quite happy with things as they are and go out with others. If your ex sees you having such a good time he/she may be afraid that you would never come back to him/her and make the first move to try and get you back before it's too late!

Let your ex see a different side of you. Don't go begging for his/her attention. Be the confident cool guy/girl that everyone wants to be with! If your ex sees you apparently moving on without him/her and changed for the better, he/she will want you back in his/her life.

Don't behave in a jealous manner every time you see your ex out with someone new. This will only make him/her sadistically thrilled to see you suffer (especially if he/she feels like the victim in the whole case). Instead remember - two can play the game! Don't overdo it though!

The important thing is knowing when to stop playing mind games. You could go dangerously far and this may have the opposite effect and you could lose your ex forever!

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