4 Natural Ways to Deal With Vaginal Odor! Here is How to Get Rid of That Smell in Hours

Published: 06th May 2010
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Depending on the intensity of the odor, vaginal odor can be a very embarrassing thing when in public and especially when having sex with your partner.

Women who suffer with vaginal odor fall into a depression because of the embarrassment it causes. But it is not all that bad and can be handled so as to rid yourself of this peculiar embarrassment.

1. One of the most natural ways to deal with vaginal odor is to maintain regular hygiene and cleanliness through the day.

Washing and keeping clean and then taking care to dry the vaginal area more frequently than only at the time of a shower. Apply some cologne or freshness spray to add to the hygiene maintained.

2. Tight and synthetic underwear tend to create discomfort as in perspiration and odor in the region. It also creates a certain amount of dampness and hence a perfect hibernating spot for the bacteria.

Care should be taken to wear cotton clothes that are loose and comfortable. That will allow for fresh air and dryness in the region and prevent vaginal odor from forming.

3. Weak immunity is one of the causes of vaginal odor. The toxins in the body give rise to the odor in the region of the vagina.

The body needs to flush out the toxins by plenty of intake of water and fruit juices. Fruits containing citric acids are good as they help build up the immune system of a person.

4. Lastly, the use or application of yogurt in the region of the vagina will help remove the odor by fighting the infection or the bacteria that is causing the infection to linger.

The lactobacillus acidophilus content in the yogurt helps kill the bacteria that cause the infection to catch on and then linger and spread further.

Along with these remedies of dealing with the vaginal odor and the personal hygiene that one pursues, eradicating the odor from the vaginal area is not difficult at all and you can be saved from embarrassment.

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