4 Most Important Qualities Every Girl Wants in Her Man! Every Man Must Read This

Published: 13th May 2010
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What a girl really wants is a question over which lots of people have tried to find the answer. Girls or females are complicated creatures. So it takes time to figure them out. Though every girl is different there are some basic things that are common to most of the girls. If you know what are the most important qualities that girls look for in a man it will be easier for you to be that one special man in your girl's life.

The girl likes her man to be independent, confident, intelligent and nice!

The most important quality in a man is his confidence. Your body language should convey your confidence to her. Even if the situation is tough your ability to see through it will be impressive to the girl.

The girl always wants her man to show signs of independence. That means economically and most importantly emotionally. Some of the guys are always dependent on the girls to make them feel good. You can be sure that the girls will never like this. But if you are independent but dependable it is a winning combination.

The man should common signs of intelligence. He should be able to have intelligent conversation with the girl. Do not think that blonds are always dumb. They may be having fun at your expense. So use you head before you open your mouth.

The man should show respect to the girls by listening to them and perhaps opening the doors or pulling up a chair for them. Being a good listener is a very important quality that a girl is looking for in her man.

If you are full of yourself and not aware what the girl is saying then your chances of having any kind of relationship with the girl is poor.

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