4 Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back When it Seems Hopeless! These Are Guaranteed to Work

Published: 17th May 2010
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No relationship can turn so hopeless that it can't be salvaged. Humans are inherently forgiving beings and see reason when prodded. However, at times due to the involvement of ego, relationships seem hopelessly doomed. This situation can be reversed if you play a few mind games. Here are four mind tricks that will help you get your ex back.

Put the focus back on your life.
Reconcile to the fact that your ex is a thing of the past. This does not mean you completely forget him/her, but focus on your present and think about the future. Failed relationship should not affect your professional or social life. If you are student this is good time to focus all your energies on studies. If you are working, immerse yourself in work. This will help you take your mind off the painful breakup and your ex will silently admire your for your maturity.

Turn your ex green with envy.
As you now have enough time on your hands. You might as well devote some time to upgrade your looks. Take up a sport or any other activity that you are passionate about and enjoy yourself. This will benefit you in more ways than one. You will tone up your body, start meeting old friends, and make new ones. As and when you bump into your ex be cordial and exchange pleasantries. Seeing your popularity and confidence your ex will rue the fact that he/she left you.

Build up the pressure on your ex.
The best way to do this is by being in the good books of your ex's family and friends. Your breakup does not mean that you discard all that is associated with your ex. Your demeanor and attitude will convince your ex's family and friends that you are the wronged one and not your ex. They will slowly start pressurizing your ex to get back with you.

Give your ex an ultimatum.
Through your ex's friends and family make it known to your ex that you are not going to wait for eternity for him/her to come back. In fact start painting the town red with a dummy date (close friend who is ready to play ball). This will set the alarm bells ringing and your ex will now make frenetic moves to get back with you.

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