4 Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back When it Seems Hopeless - These Tricks Work Freakishly Well

Published: 30th April 2010
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I have seen many people lose their ex by simply standing on the side of the road, waving a flag displaying 'Bye, Bye, sweet ex' as their ex walks away for better or for worse with another guy/gal. If you do not want to end up as that loser with a flag in your hand, pay attention to these 4 mind tricks to get your ex back even when it seems hopeless.

The 1st trick should be a delaying tactic that will at least prevent your ex from zipping away into the next pair of arms that he/she sees.

Harp on only the positive points of your ex in front of your friends and if possible, your ex's family members. This trick is sure to work wonders because someone is sure to blab your utterances into your ex's ears and please your ex no end.

The 2nd trick might seem a bit demeaning to you but when things seem hopeless, anything goes.

Ask for forgiveness from your ex for any pain that you may have caused to him/her, when you get an opportunity. You may rehearse it in front of a mirror for added confidence. If possible, do this in front of common friends so that your ex has to accept your apology.

Now that you have got your ex softened to a certain extent, I would like you to use the 3rd trick and whisk your ex away to a place such as a restaurant that he/she might have loved when you were together.

This will get your ex in a melancholy mood and you can now work your charm on your ex. Use the moves that had worked in the past instead of experimenting with new ones.

Once your ex is in the perfect frame of mind where you want him/her to be then the 4th trick that I will show you should be quite easy.

Simply propose to your ex again by getting down on your knees. After weeks or months of turmoil, these words will be sweet music to both you and your ex.

So, instead of checking out flags, use my advice and simply play with your ex's mind and emotions and get him/her back into a brand new relationship.

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