4 Mind Games Your Ex Plays! Surprisingly, Most People Don't Even Know This is Happening to Them!

Published: 26th May 2010
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You chase your ex around like crazy, and without even realizing it, you have suddenly become part of a sick mind game that your ex is playing on you. In fact, your ex is probably playing a few games and tricks on you... and sadly, most people don't even know it's happening to them.

But, if you continue to let your ex play mind games with you, you will never be able to get them back, because they will always be in control and will be playing you like a puppet on strings.

Read on to find out the 4 mind games your ex plays on you....

4. Pity party

He/she blames you for everything and tries to make you feel sorry for them. This is to get attention and make you feel guilty. Your ex may even play this when they want even more attention from you, when they aren't getting this attention from others.

This is significantly true if your ex ignores you for a week and then suddenly calls to talk to you and then ends up ranting against and arguing with you.

3. I don't love you anymore

The only reason your ex verbally confirms this, is because they are psychologically addicted to watching you go crazy over them. Of course you will try and prove otherwise, which makes them feel special to be put up on that pedestal.

Put it this way, if your ex REALLY didn't like you or want you anymore, why would they even spend time talking to you? Why would they even have to tell you this?

Count your ex's actions stronger than his/her words, and trust me, it's a really good mind game they are playing when they have to tell you they don't love you, but at the same time still talk to you and see you, and especially bring up the past all the time.

2. Flaunting dates

They flaunt a new date in front of you, to make you jealous. If they didn't want to make you jealous, they wouldn't be flaunting it. Your ex may like the kind of attention they get when they make you jealous, because you become MORE emotional than you have ever been when you think about them with someone else.

Your ex knows this as well, and by giving in to this game, you only show your ex that they can get every single emotional response from you that they want, without even being in a relationship with you.

1. Asking for favors

You innocently think that they like you and will take you back, but they are really using you, and are using your feelings as an excuse to make you do all kinds of things for them. Your ex may literally throw their problems on you too and try and make you solve them.

This is obviously using you and your good nature to gain something.

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