4 Magically Effective Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back! This Works Like Magic

Published: 06th May 2010
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The initial period after the breakup is very depressing and drains you completely both emotionally and physically. You are used to your spouse or your lover constantly being around you, and now all of a sudden you see a big void in your life. This is a very delicate situation and you need to tread carefully if you wish to get your ex back without you having to climb down and grovel at his or her feet.

The best thing to do is to use some powerful psychological tricks to trick your ex back into your life. Read on to know four magically effective psychological tricks.

Trick 1.

The reason why your ex walked out of the relationship is because he or she was sufficiently mad at you to end the relationship in a huff. The period after the breakup is sensitive and you need to give your ex a much deserved break. Do not call your ex to explain or to apologize. Both you and your ex will be emotionally unstable and hence the call or meeting won't do any good. Keep him or her guessing about your next move.

Trick 2.

Once your emotions have stabilized now call your ex for a meeting. If your ex is reluctant to meet, ask your common friends to mediate and arrange for a meeting. When you meet tell your ex that you are sorry for the messy breakup and want to apologize for the acrimonious parting. Tell your ex that he or she can still consider you a friend and depend on you for any help in the future. This is all you need to say, not a word more not a word less.

Trick 3.

Now spread the word that you are single and ready to mingle. Soon enough there will be potential partners hovering around you. Flirt with them but make it clear to them that after the recent breakup you are in no mood for a serious relationship. Attend parties, picnics, visit exhibitions or just hang out with your new friends. Word is surely going to reach your ex that you have taken the breakup in your stride and are moving on.

Trick 4.

Now bump into your ex's friends deliberately and as you talk and exchange pleasantries indicate that you are going steady with your new interest but are unable to commit for a long term relationship as you still hope to get back with your ex. During the conversation also indicate that you may wait for a month before finally deciding to finally move on.
If you have played the game to perfection the first thing that your ex's friend will do after meeting you, is call up your ex and give him or her the news. From then on all you have to do is wait patiently and play hard ball as your ex starts making moves to get back in your life.

If you truly love your ex then take him or her back unconditionally.

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