4 Magically Effective Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - These Are Guaranteed to Work

Published: 29th April 2010
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While you might wish for a little magic to wish all your troubles away and enable your ex to run back into your waiting arms, you might just end up throwing coins in a wishing well. On the other hand, these 4 magically effective psychological tricks are sure to get your ex back into your loving arms....

No.1 - Look ex, I am cool as a cucumber. Even though you might be suffering from heartache you should still hold your feelings in check and present a cool image to your ex.

Let your ex think that you have taken the breakup with a great degree of maturity and calmness. This will raise your reputation in the eyes of your ex and in turn make him/her insecure.

No.2 - Look ex, I am enjoying life even without you. You should get right back in your regular routine. This will help divert attention from your breakup and also allow you to meet up with friends and maybe make some new ones.

This too will unnerve your ex as he/she might have expected you to just crumble and fade away into pitiful oblivion.

No.3 - Look ex, I have even managed to find a hot date. Use a little jealousy to goad your ex into action. Find a hot date that could make your ex's heart throb with jealousy. If you are unable to find a date, then ask a hot friend to act as your date.

This will make your ex think that you could soon forget about your past relationship as you walk into a new one.

No.4 - Look ex, I am getting smaller as I walk away from you. Indicate to your ex that you might just get serious with a particular date and might just walk into another relationship. Also indicate that you might still reconsider if your ex asks for your hand again.

This act should trick your ex into making one giant leap to save the relationship. These 4 magical tricks could just alter your ex's brain into thinking that unless he/she acts fast, you may just vanish from his/her life for good. Use them with great care and perfect timing to look at your groveling ex rush in to save the day.

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