4 Keys to Keeping a Woman's Attention at All Times! Effective Keys You Should Be Aware of

Published: 26th May 2010
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If you want to quickly move up each base with the woman that you like then you will have to keep her interest alive and burning brightly at all times.

Use these keys to unlock your woman's resistance and hog her attention even as she eagerly awaits your next move.

• Focus on her friends: If you are meeting the woman for the first time then you should not zero in on her directly but instead create a favorable impression on her friends, especially her female friends. This move will subconsciously awaken her competitive side and she too will vie with her friends to impress you.

• Use your eyes to strategize: In addition to talking with the woman, make it a point to observe her reactions closely. Try out different verbal moves and closely observe her reaction to each move. Some women like guys that make small talk while others might love someone that talks about his business, while most women might simply love guys that keep on complimenting them.

Stay with the talk that pleases your woman the most even as you probe subtly for her likes and dislikes since you will now be able to steer the conversation to topics that can get her animatedly involved with you.

• Do not let go of your confidence: The minute you fidget, mumble or laugh nervously will be the minute that you will lose her attention forever. Stay in control at all times even if she does not find you interesting initially. Within a short time, your infectious confidence will start to weave a web of interest around her and get her attention antenna fully tuned towards you.

Inject your conversation with light doses of classy humor so as to keep her interest alive.

• Do not open up completely: Instead of pouring out the story of your life in one go and boring her completely, start out with interesting anecdotes.

Make sure to remain a little mysterious too by not revealing all but instead indicating that she will need to probe further in future meetings to make you cough up more details about your life. This will keep her attentive at all times as she strains to catch each word about your mysterious life.

By remaining confident in your demeanor and by observing your woman closely, you will be able to lock her attention at all times.

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