4 Dirty Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back When it Seems Hopeless - These Work Freakishly Well

Published: 29th April 2010
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If your ex has broken up with you and is still showing you his/her back, then you should try playing these mind tricks to definitely get him/her back. Here are 4 minds tricks that could just do the trick. Timing is critical, so mind it!

No.1 - Stay in your ex's eye. Instead of completely vanishing from your ex's life or staying in permanent vision like a painful eyesore, just make sure that you appear intermittently before your ex.

This will retain a sense of mystery around you as your ex tries to figure out your moves. Ensure that you look better and remain positive even if you are sad inside.

No.2 - Look ahead in life. You should perform your daily chores with renewed energy. Get back on the train called life and move ahead confidently.

Your ex is sure to notice your self-assured demeanor and the first seeds of doubt will germinate in your ex's mind as to whether you just might move forward in life without him/her.

No.3 - Remember your good old ex, aloud. Remember to talk about your ex in only a positive manner whilst talking with common friends.

These sweet musings will reach your ex's ears and he/she is sure to get impressed that you do not harbor any ill-will even after the split-up.

No.4 - Push the envelope. Now that your ex is impressed with you and could also be thinking of getting back with you, take the final initiative and ask common friends to ask your ex for a meeting.

Your ex will not refuse this offer. You should be fully prepared to solve all thorny issues during this meeting so as to win your ex back into your life.

These 4 mind tricks are sure to soften your ex towards you and impress him/her enough to sit down at the table of truth and work out an amicable reunion. Use them and watch your ex meekly come back into your life.

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