4 Dirty Mind Tricks to Get My Ex Back - Here is Something No One Will Ever Share With You

Published: 28th April 2010
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If your physical moves in getting your ex back are being stonewalled by eerie silence, then it might be time to pass through that wall by visual trickery. Use these 4 mind tricks to lead your ex back on a mental leash....

Trick # 1 - Case of the disappearing ex. Do not take any action or try any mind games when the wounds of the breakup are fresh. Instead, disappear for a few weeks to cool down while also ensuring that your ex has a chance to cool down and miss you a little.

Trick # 2 - Case of the upgraded ex. Use this time to upgrade your entire life, right from your looks, your body, your wardrobe and more importantly, your attitude. Let your ex literally see you in a new form when you re-appear.

Trick # 3 - Case of the bumping ex. Remember to subtly bump into your ex at the mall or any party where you know your ex might also be in attendance. Talk pleasantly with your ex but remember to flirt with others so as to ignite a tinge of jealousy in your ex.

Trick # 4 - Case of the acting ex. Play a trick on your ex by acting as if you have become serious with another partner and might soon walk away hand-in-hand with this new partner.

This final trick is sure to break your ex's back and he/she will try desperately to pry your new partner away from you and step right back into your life.

These mind tricks are sure to trick your ex into action and he/she is sure to try to win you back at a time when you were anyway not going anywhere. Let your ex assume the worst and try hard to get back to you by solving the 4 cases.

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