4 Dirty Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back Which Always Work! You Won't Struggle After This

Published: 24th May 2010
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Want your ex back but you've run low on ideas on how to get reunited with them? Have you just about tried every item on the get-your-ex-back rule book? Have you exhausted all the flower shops, and chocolate parlors, but to no avail? Perhaps it's about them you played dirty mind games. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures.

However, a piece of advice before lowering your eyes to the next few tips: This is not for the weak-hearted and the self-righteous. These are shady alternatives to the sickeningly sweet efforts you've made in the past. When done right, and with style, they work like magic and get your ex to crawl back into your waiting arms.

Befriend their friends. Get into their circle, without making it obvious at all you're only targeting one person. Get a personality makeover and make your ex's friends fall in love with you (metaphorically speaking). They will soon have so much nice things to say about you, and will quiz your ex about how silly they were to have ever let you go. You need their friends to show your ex a side of you he or she has never seen before.

Fake it. Jealousy is like a switch that sets off millions of sensations and emotions in your ex, even if they have already started dating someone else. Get a person from the opposite sex (preferably someone who is blessed with good looks) to act as your new lover.

The thought that you're over them and have moved on to someone is enough to make them lose their minds with envy. Sometimes, crashing their self-esteem makes them aggressive, and they feel pressured to get to you before someone else does. Approve of the new person in their lives. If you ex has moved on quicker than you have, and has started dating another guy or guy, resist the urge to feel jealous and trash-talk them. After all, if you're making them jealous on purpose, how do you know they're not doing the same? Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing your crumble. When your ex introduces the new guy or girl, smile and shake their hand. Generously tell your ex that you are happy he or she has found someone great. This I-don't-care-enough-to-get-jealous-attitude will drive them insane. In their intention to find out what you're up to, they'll soon lose interest in the new person, and will be drawing closer to you again.

Lose the sentimental fool in you. Exes secretly love it when they find that someone they used to be with still remembers their theme song, or their special dates. Keep these where you keep all your unwanted memories. If you can't, at least pretend that you no longer remember these significant events and items in your ex-relationship. This is hurt their ego, but hurt is a powerful thing. It can drive your ex to places they never expected they'd end up - for instance, your arms.

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