4 Dirty Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back Which Always Work! These Tricks Are Dirty But Effective

Published: 06th May 2010
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Your ex did a wrong thing by breaking up with you, so it is high time he/ she got a taste of the same medicine. After all, why should you suffer alone for something you are not even responsible for? It is time to play some dirty mind games to make your ex regret what he/ she has done. Here are 4 dirty mind games that you can play with your ex, with very effective results.

Keep in touch with ex's family - Always stay on good terms with your ex's family. Talk to them, but avoid talking about your ex. If the topic comes up, say you are fine and you hope that ex is doing great as well. These same family members could nag your ex sufficiently to make him/ her give you another shot.

Stay indifferent about the breakup - If your ex does talk to you, keep your tone indifferent. Your ex will expect your voice to be broken, with all the crying they expected you to do. When they hear an indifferent tone, they will be shocked, whether they show it or not. Chances are that they will come around too, just to see what happened.

Get stylish, in your way - Do all those things that you wanted to do before and could not, because your ex didn't like it. Did he/ she hate a hairdo that you absolutely adored? Well then, now's the time to sport it.

Date someone new - Awaken the green eyed monster of jealousy within your ex. Flirt with or date someone who looks better and earns more than your ex. You can ask one of your hot friends to fill the role, after telling him/ her about the plan. Make sure your ex sees the two of you together. That should do the trick.

Your ex did something very wrong when he/ she broke up with you. It is high time you came back with an appropriate reply.

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