4 Dirty Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back! This Will Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Easily

Published: 06th May 2010
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If you are suffering the hardship of breakup then you will surely like to make up with your ex in quick time. Many things might have cropping up in your mind and you would be looking to put them in action to get back your relationship. However, the question is that do dirty mind games truly work or do they help in bringing back our ex? The answer is yes, mind games definitely work when they are played in right time and at the right place.

The following four mind games are found to very effective in bringing back a relationship.

After breaking up with your ex, the very first move that you should take is to do nothing. In most case, it is good for you to remain silent and aloof for a while. During this period, you ex might feel the loneliness and he/she will try to remember the sweet moments that you had together. In this way, you should give some time and space and allow the fire to burn in each side without any interruption.

One of the effective dirty mind games is to pretend as if you are living your normal lifestyle after the break up. Your ex will try to know your condition and by pretending to live your normal life, various question will arise in the mind of your ex obliging him/her to have some doubts. Your ex may like to know whether you have completely given up the relationship or you are still looking to make it up. In this way your ex may feel insecure and just open up his/her wish to make up.

Another dirty mind game is to mingle with the closest friends of your ex and observe his/her comments or reactions. By doing so, you may be able to know the innermost feelings of your ex. Moreover, your ex may finally verbalize what is on his/her mind. These are few simple yet effective mind games that you could easily play with your ex.

The fourth dirty mind game that you can play is to visit the locality of the ex frequently but pretending that you are not coming there for your ex. Just let your ex see you regularly because it will make him/her remember the sweet times that you have spend together. You should not let your ex forget you in just few days after your break up.

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