4 Brilliant Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back! Here is Something You Definitely Don't Want to Miss

Published: 17th May 2010
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Even as your breakup could have deeply affected your heart, remember that it could have also affected your ex's ability of thinking clearly and you should certainly take advantage of this fact if you want your ex back.

A few brilliant mind games will simply lead your ex's mind and his/her body towards you in no time.

Enjoy your single status. Even though you might be broken on the inside, act as if you are now enjoying your single status. Get cracking on your job, try out a new hobby and enjoy your life with your friends and family. Let your ex wonder why you have not yet approached him/her on scraped knees and with teary eyes. This will quickly deflate your ex's ego.

Get into a routine that lifts you up. Set up a routine that does not allow you to mull over the past. Once you get into a routine that takes away all your time, you will soon be able to forget the pain and as you emerge out of your sulky shell and start laughing again, your ex will get impressed by your positive attitude even as he/she starts having doubts over your new-found independence.

Shock and awe your ex. You should also attend parties, especially when you know that your ex will attend too. Upgrade your looks and your style to make your ex and many others go wow as soon as they lay eyes on you. Acknowledge the existence of your ex but quickly move away to mix with others. Flirt with other suitors even as you flick one eye towards your ex at regular intervals. This will leave your ex in a confused state of mind.

Give your ex a deadline. Even as your ex remains confused as to your exact intentions, give your ex a deadline through common friends that although other fish in the sea are ready to swim with you, your eyes are still on your ex and if your ex does not want to get back together then you will just swim away with someone else. This should get your ex into instant action and you could just find your ex waiting anxiously for you to return back into his/her life.

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