4 Best Home Remedies to Cure Yeast Infection! Make That Ugly Vaginal Smell Vanish Forever

Published: 06th May 2010
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Yeast infection is the outcome of number of micro organisms in the human body. Both men and women are vulnerable to this type of infection. A yeast infection can occur on any part of the human body. Yeast infections are commonly found in the vagina of woman. Improper hygiene is many a time responsible for the outburst of these infections and foul odors. Yeast infection can really make you uncomfortable and irritable. The stink that it causes can also put you in an embarrassing situation. This is not a very serious problem and simple home remedies are known to work well on such infections.

Here are 4 best home remedies to cure yeast infections. These remedies have worked well on several women. Using them rightly will give you positive results as well.

The basic home remedy to get rid of yeast infection is to follow clean hygienic manners. It is essential to keep your vagina clean and away from infectious bacteria. Cleaning your vagina frequently during menstrual cycle, wearing cotton panties to let in some air are few things you should follow.

We all have yoghurt at home. Take a tampon and dip it into the yoghurt. Later insert the tampon in your vagina. The good bacteria in the yoghurt will kill the infection. Follow this step twice a day and feel the difference.

Tea tree oil works well on vaginal yeast infections. Simply dilute the oil and apply it on the vagina. This will not only relive you of irritation and pain but will eventually remove the yeast infection.

Avoid wearing wet undergarments as it only creates breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing tight jeans daily should be avoided as it does not give breathing space to your vagina.

Yeast infections have been a part women's life since time immemorial. Poor personal hygiene is largely responsible for such infections. Always use cotton panties to let in some fresh air.

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