4 Amazing Psychological Tricks to Make Any Girl Like You - Here is Something You Must Know

Published: 29th April 2010
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You will need much more than six packs on your rock-hard abdomen or six packs in your hand to impress girls. In addition to physical beauty, you also need to pull a few mental tricks to floor girls.

Here are 4 amazing psychological tricks to make any girl like you....

No.1 - Act super confident. Even though you might be quivering like a jelly in your socks, make sure that you look super confident in front of girls.

Girls love guys that appear confident, cool and sure about them. This attitude will soon make you popular among girls.

No.2 - Pay customized attention. Make sure that you pay special attention to each girl. This will convince any girl that she is the one that holds a special place in your heart.

Learn about their choices and remember them when you meet any girl again. This attention to detail will have them blushing.

No.3 - Use your eyes to hypnotize. Tenderly caress the face of any girl that you like with your eyes. This will leave any girl turning red with embarrassment and desire.

Remember to be subtle while executing this move otherwise it might seem that you are just ogling at her and you might just get to know her shoe size sooner than you think.

No.4 - Make them fight to win you. Instead of throwing yourself at the girl you like, make her fight for you. Give attention to the girls that are around the girl of your dreams.

This trick could get your girl in a jealous frenzy and she will try her best to get you to focus your attention over her. Now you can simply remain ready to catch her as she throws herself at you.

These 4 tips are sure to trick any girl into liking you. Use them and watch the girl of your choice jump in the ring to win you over.

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