3 Sure Shot Signs That a Girl Likes You - Here is Something Which Will Tell You What's on Her Mind

Published: 28th April 2010
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Even as you try all the tricks in your book to impress the girl of your dreams, you might be too busy to notice the signals that are thrown back at you. You will need to read those signals correctly if you want to know the effect of your moves. Check on these 3 signs that will indicate if a girl likes you...

Sign # 1 - Mane tossing and eye catching. This exercise is followed by almost all girls once they get captivated by a guy. Your chosen girl too might start twirling her hair or tossing it from side to side as you talk with her. She will also steal shy glances towards you if she is shy or directly stare at your body and your eyes if she is bold enough.

Sign # 2 - She laughs at your jokes even as others commit hara-kiri. If she finds all your jokes funny even as other around her might be considering suicide or worse, murdering you, then she is definitely into you. However, this is a sure sign that she likes you since that means that she cares for you and has genuinely found you funny or is laughing just so that you do not feel hurt. Either way, it's a win-win situation.

Sign # 3 - She leans towards you. Even when you are speaking in 3D surround sound, she might pretend that you are speaking softly and lean towards you with her ear on one side, in a bid to hear you better. If she places her hand on your arm while doing it then you are clearly out of the singles club. On the other hand, if she leans away from you then its time to abandon all your strategies and forget about the girl.

These 3 signs will give you the answer that you might have been anticipating and you can now take your newly formed relationship to the next level with ease.

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