3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Back - Warning! These Tricks Are Dirty But They Are Very Effective

Published: 27th April 2010
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Getting your ex back after a traumatic breakup could be quite tough but if you follow these sneaky tips then you could easily find yourself relaxing in the loving arms of your ex again. All you need to do is to simply let go of your conscience and use these 3 sneaky ways to get your ex back....

No.1 - Pretend to fall ill. All you need to do is to pretend to fall ill and use your common friends to call up your ex and inform him/her of your incapacitating condition. Pretty soon, you will notice your ex running to you with hot chicken soup and a get-well card. Exploit your imaginary illness to the hilt to turn that sympathy back into love.

No. 2 - Shower your ex with money and love. If you are rich then put your money to good use. Shower your ex with gifts, money and love. It could be a way of saying sorry or that you still love him/her, but money often has a way of speaking in its own language. You might definitely score an edge if your ex is courting other suitors that are unable to keep up with your lavish spending.

No. 3 - Covertly sabotage your ex's current suitors. You can dig out the dirt on your ex's current suitors and make sure that it mysteriously reaches the eyes and ears of your ex. This will make your ex's current suitors look like villains while you appear as the good guy or gal in comparison. This will also leave the door or window open for your re-entry in your ex's life.

Use these 3 sneaky ways to maximum effect and watch your ex being pulled towards you. Remember to be subtle and not to get caught as you put these sneaky tips into motion or your ex is sure to explode with anger and shower you with expletives.

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