3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Back - These Tricks Might Be Dirty But They Do Work For Sure

Published: 28th April 2010
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If your timid methods at attracting the love of your ex seem to be totally ignored by your ex, then you should shift to sneaky ways to win your ex back. Here are 3 sneaky ways to get your ex back....

Way # 1 - Track your ex's movements. You can enroll a spy in your ex's camp and track his/her movements at all times. This could be a common friend trusted by both of you. This would be very beneficial since you can now land up at any place that your ex frequents. Remember to upgrade your looks so that your ex sees what he/she is missing after the breakup. Do not grovel in front of your ex but instead maintain a distance and remain cordial to your ex.

Way # 2 - Old dog, new attention-grabbing tricks. Instead of emptying your tear ducts after your breakup, learn a few new tricks to become the center of attention of any party or group of people. Learn the guitar or learn singing and turn into the heart of any gathering. This will create envy in your ex's mind as he/she observes you getting mobbed by potential suitors.

Way # 3 - Look ex, I'm fading away into the sunset. By lightly flirting with potential suitors, you will be able to make your ex become insecure and he/she might start wondering if you might just fade away into the sunset with someone else. Make yourself slightly unavailable for your ex just to create a demand into your ex's mind to win you again and watch your ex jump right into the arena to claim your love back.

These 3 sneaky ways will compel your ex to act fast to win you back into the relationship. Your spy will also offer valuable information that will help you to plan your actions to perfection.

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