3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Back - A Mind Blowing Direct Approach Which Always Works

Published: 27th April 2010
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If you have broken up with your partner and find that none of the regular methods seem to work to get him/her back, then maybe it is time to put some devious plans into motion. Here are 3 sneaky ways to get your ex back....

1st Sneaky way - Say sorry. If the only way of getting your ex back is to say sorry then do so. This will cut through the ice like a hot knife cuts through butter. The only problem is that if you do not mean it then your relationship will not last much longer since truth has an unfortunate way of popping up from time to time. But if you do mean it, then this compromise should get your ex to think that he/she has won the battle and is sure to reward you well.

2nd Sneaky way - Play hide and seek. Remain visible for a few moments before your ex and then vanish for a few days. This is sure to create a need in the mind of your ex and he/she will truly miss you if there are still some emotions left in the relationship. Playing a little hard to get can work wonders if your timing and attitude are just right.

3rd Sneaky way - Play the jealousy card. This sneaky way is very effective but can also blow up in your face if handled without care. Try to hook up with a common friend and play a flirting game when both of you are within visual range of your ex. This could make your ex see red and compel him/her to immediately act by getting back into the relationship. You can then safely reveal your trick to your ex when there are no breakable items nearby.

Hence, if handled correctly, these 3 sneaky ways could re-unite you with your ex but any mistake in handling these moves could re-unite you with his/her wrath. Plan your moves well in advance to avoid any goof-ups.

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