3 Sneaky Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - You Can Not Fail After You Use These to Your Advantage

Published: 27th April 2010
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If your breakup has led you down the path of depression and desperation, remain calm but think sneaky. Here are 3 sneaky tricks that might just trick your ex into getting back with you. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures....

Trick # 1 - Get your ex's friends on your turf. If you have common friends, then well and good, but in case your ex's friends are a different bunch, then you will need to put on your best show and convince them that you need to be together with your ex. If they are convinced by your sweet talk then they will certainly try to convince your ex that breaking up was a mistake that should be immediately rectified.

Trick # 2 - Pretend to move on. Even though you might feel miserable on the inside, maintain a cheerful attitude on the outside. Maintain your regular work schedule; mingle around in parties and in short send out a message to your ex that you are coping with the breakup without any problem whatsoever. Your ex is sure to get into a panic mode with the thought that you just might move on in life without him or her.

Trick # 3 - Pretend to be aloof. Instead of drooling at every positive sentence or indication from your ex, act a little aloof. Let your ex too sweat it out as you have. Do not stand near your ex with a wagging tail but instead answer every suggestion from your ex by saying that you would consider it. Do not overdo the act but simply use it to confuse your ex. This will compel your ex to try harder in pleasing you.

These 3 sneaky tricks are sure to sneak into your ex's heart and compel him or her to rush back to you with the fear that you might leave him or her permanently. Use them wisely and time them perfectly for best results.

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