3 Signs That a Girl Likes You! Here Are the Sure Fire Tricks to Figure Out What She Truly Feels

Published: 18th May 2010
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If you have come across a girl that has captured your imagination and you are so besotted by her that you want to approach her and propose marriage. Well, don't take hasty steps or else every thing will blow up in your face. First you will have to find out if she really likes you and only then can you approach her and start dating her before you finally take the plunge. Here are 3 signs that will tell you if she likes you or whether you need to put in more efforts to win her affection.

She makes the first move
If the girl you fancy also likes you then she will definitely make the first move and approach you. If she is known to you then she will initiate conversations and discussions with you just to be close to you. While talking to you she will listen in rapt attention to all that you say and will look into your eyes with admiration. Her trance like gaze will tell you that she is as much interested in you as you are in her. When discussing a difficult issue she will usually agree with your points of view and will discount what others say.

Physical contact
If the girl finds one pretext after another to be in close proximity and touches you often then it is her way of saying that she likes you. She will lean on you and will give you high five's for the silliest of reasons. She will compliment you on your clothes and will appreciate you giving her hand when climbing stairs or jumping across a puddle or stream. Knowingly or unknowingly she will brush her breasts on your arm and will give a mischievous smile afterwards.

She will not leave you alone
If you happen to enter a room in which she is sitting with a group of friends, she immediately excuses herself and comes to you then she definitely is thrilled to see you. If you talk flirtatiously with any of her friends and see a tinge of sadness or jealousy in her eyes then she wants you all for herself. These are just a few ways of knowing that she really likes you.

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