3 Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - This Will Make Your Ex Begging to Be Back in Your Arms

Published: 22nd April 2010
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If you would like to get back with your ex but realize that your ex is still undecided about the idea then it is time to indulge in psychological tricks to tip the scales in your favor. Here are 3 tricks that can be played on your ex's mind and convince him or her to get back to you immediately....

Trick 1 - Speak no evil. However tempted you might be to wash your dirty linen in public, do not utter a single negative sentence against your ex. Instead start praising his or her positive qualities in front of your common friends. Sooner or later, word about your gracious nature is sure to reach your ex. Your ex will respect your words and actions and is certain to reciprocate positively.

Trick 2 - Stay in sight and definitely in mind. Show up in places where your ex can spot you such as parties organized by common friends. But do not grovel in front of your ex. Instead maintain a dignified distance and speak briefly with your ex whenever possible. Let your ex observe that you are carrying on with your life in a mature manner. This will earn the respect of your ex which can easily turn into desire in a short time.

Trick 3 - Take your ex down memory lane. Whenever you do get a chance to talk at length with your ex, slowly divert the talk towards the past when you had some real good moments in each others arms. Whether your talk involves a favorite restaurant or a favorite place, remember not to push too hard. Just start the journey into the past and taper off since your ex's imagination will do the rest.

These 3 psychological tricks will attract your ex back towards you even without him or her realizing it. They are subtle but immensely potent in a subdued way and your ex will simply get drawn to you like a bee towards nectar.

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