3 Most Important Precautions to Take When Suffering From Acne - Do Not Miss This at Any Cost

Published: 29th March 2010
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Acne skin care is a science. When suffering from acne you need to be extra-protective and incredibly gentle with your skin. Acne sufferers are under the impression that scrubbing their skin hard and/ or using powerful soaps and cleansing agents will prevent their skin from breeding the acne-bacteria; but no; this is a complete misconception in itself. The following article aims to provide a comprehensive guideline related to the precautions to be taken by acne sufferers, skin care tips, cosmetics to be used when suffering from acne.....

Choose your make up-

If you're a persistent acne sufferer and undergoing a treatment for that purpose, then first and foremost you'll always want to change the cosmetics you use. Remember to use non-greasy cosmetics, and in case of any doubt related to this matter, just roll you eyes over the label. Applying foundations and make-ups may be a tough ordeal during the initial weeks of your acne treatment as your skin may turn out to be scaly and itchy. During this phase it is advisable that you use benzoyl peroxide. Also, prevent frequent oiling of hair as it may lead your acnes to flare-up. So, on the whole, be extra careful with your makeup and the related issues.

Avoid frequent hand contacts-

Never make the blunder of picking or squeezing your acnes and pimples or press and pop out their zits. This carries a fairly good chance for you to develop ugly scars and dark patches all over your face thus worsening the already bad condition. Avoid rubbing or touching your acne lesions frequently.

No sunburns please-

Acne problems tend to aggravate when exposed to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Protect yourself from sunburns and suntans as much as possible; be sure to apply sunscreen lotions with high SPF factors before stepping out into the sun.

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