3 Most Effective Sneaky Ways to Get Your Ex Back - Here is Something You Should Not Miss at Any Cost

Published: 27th April 2010
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There is nothing worse than getting dumped by the person that you are dating or having your spouse walk away from you and file for a divorce when you have no blessed idea what, if anything, you did wrong to cause them to walk away. The thing here is that you do not want to let your ex go walk off into the sunset. Here are three things to think about....

Send flowers anonymously-

This is something that almost everyone loves getting. If you are going to use this piece of advice, just make sure of a couple of things first: 1. that your ex is not allergic to the flowers that you are choosing and 2. You are also not trying to make him or her feel bad/guilty for leaving. This is very important.

Leave little Love Letters where he/she is sure to find them-

This is also something that you might want to think about doing. If you have not caused them to leave you or left for reasons other than incompatibility; you might want to write a few anonymous letters and leave them in places that you know that your ex will definitely be sure to find these letters. Make sure that you are telling him/her that you really do love them.

Send little text messages or e-mails-

This is also a sneaky little way to tell your ex that you are still thinking of them and want to get back with them. If you are going to use SMS text messaging, you can do that right from the Internet if you do not have a cell phone. You can also send those short e-mails that are not very specific just the "thinking of you" types of messages. This might not seem to be all that sneaky, but it actually is.

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