3 Mistakes Which Push Your Ex Away From You! This Will Prevent You From Getting Your Ex Back!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Why would you want to push your ex away? Obviously you don't want to make your ex go far away from you, so why are you doing things which push them away from you?

Avoid these 3 mistakes so that you don't end up preventing yourself from getting your ex back:

3. Acting depressed and doing NOTHING to change

Your ex doesn't want to be around you, because there are some things about you which are a drag. It could be your bad habits, or perhaps your attitude. It might even be your lack of change.

BUT, if you are doing NOTHING to change and are only going to act depressed all the time, your ex will see you as someone who likes to bring down the party and someone who really cannot grow up or be strong for the right reasons.

2. Always throwing yourself at your ex

You are always the first to call, the first to show up, the first to say you are sorry etc... And you are literally throwing yourself at your ex. The only thing that will happen is that your ex will begin taking you for granted..

Consider the fact that your ex is not even with you right now, and you are literally giving him/her MORE than you did when you were with him/her. This will only convince your ex that you are only taking action because they are now gone.

This also tells them that you don't therefore appreciate them when you do have them, and makes them believe if they took you back, that once again you wouldn't appreciate what you have.

Therefore, you should quit throwing yourself at your ex.

1. Taking the blame for things you didn't do

In a desperate bid to pull your ex back, you may begin taking the blame for things you aren't even at fault for. You should not do this, because it gives your ex the full control to make you even more desperate.

Whenever your ex blames you for something, they are trying to entice a strong reaction out of you, and they do this because they subconsciously enjoy the attention. You should not be giving into this attention circus, because it boosts their ego even more and makes them treat you like a puppet.

Only take the blame for the things which you are directly at fault for, and move on from there. If your ex is constantly concentrating on the past just leave them alone and don't give them the power to drag you down for their emotional gain.

The minute you stop letting your ex treat you like a puppet, you will find that they will have a totally different outlook and feeling about you, which will be in your favor, rather than against you.

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