3 Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back - This Will Persuade Them to Crawl Back Into Your Life Real Fast

Published: 27th April 2010
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Getting your ex back could be quite difficult especially if you are trying it the honest way. If your ex does not appreciate your honest efforts then it could be time to activate those grey cells and play some mind games to bend your ex towards your direction. Here are 3 mind games to get your ex back....

1st game - Enter the dating arena. Even if you do not want to date others, enter into the dating arena just to make your ex think that you have gotten over the breakup and are ready to mingle again. If dating strangers is not your scene then play the dating game with a close friend to get your ex green with envy. Your ex might think that you might just forget about him/her and move on. This will egg your ex to work towards winning your love again.

2nd game - Show your ex that you have confidently moved on. Instead of drowning your grief by drinking, get your life back together if you truly want to win your ex back. Let your ex see that you have confidently handled the breakup and have returned to a normal routine. This might frighten your ex into thinking that he/she might just become a small blot in your memory.

3rd game - Ignoring is bliss. Ignore your ex at any place that you bump into him/her. Just mouth out a customary hello and move on to mingle with others. Also, polish up your looks and sense of humor to become the center of attraction at any party. This will push your ex into a state of jealousy as he/she watches you getting all the attention and being wooed by other potential suitors. This will push your ex into instant action and he/she will certainly try to pull you back into the relationship.

So, use these 3 mind games and watch your ex lose all confidence and walk in a trembling manner right back into your confident arms. The right timing and attitude will ensure mind-blowing success.

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