3 Mind Blowing Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - Pay Very Close Attention Here

Published: 30th March 2010
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Life seems very unfair when break ups happen. One certainly does not want things to go that way but alas, nothing is in your hand. You have cried your heart out and decided that you will move on, but after a while one realizes that life was much better with your beloved. The feeling of getting back the broken relationship always lingers in your mind. One looks for possible way to get back with your ex and still have an upper hand in the relationship. We have three sensational psychological steps to ensure your achievement.


You should never let your ex feel that anything has affected you even when you might be affected badly with the break up. Now is the time to indulge and think of a new hair do and change in appearance. Go for a healthy diet so that you look fresh, bright and lean. A change in physical appeal always rekindles the attraction. Bedazzle him/her with your appearance. After all, it is the appearance which is very important to attract interest.

Go on with life-

Never show your ex that break up has affected you. Always show him/ her that it has relieved you of a great responsibility and its good riddance. Go for shopping, parties and start dating. A social life will uplift your mood as well make your ex think twice over the break up. Pleading will never get your ex back but this trick is definitely going to work.

Show no emotions-

Though you may be impatient to get your life back with your ex but at the same time show him/her that you have moved on and your partner has done a favor on you by breaking up. Always portray that you wanted to end the relationship and he / she has opened the path for it. There should be no display of tears and always pretend to be in friendly terms. This is enough to confuse him and make him take interest in you again.

If these above mentioned things are taken care of then you are definitely going to get your ex back and life is going to be rosy again.

Pay Close Attention Here-

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