3 Fail Proof Ways to Get Your Ex Back! You Cannot Fail As Long As You Use These Tricks

Published: 05th May 2010
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If your breakup has resulted in your ex trudging out of your life then you will need to move quickly before he/she gets hooked on the rebound or decides that life is much better without a partner.

Here are 3 fail proof ways to get your ex back before permanent harm is done.

1- Although you need to act urgently, it is also vital to stay away from your ex immediately after the breakup. This will provide a time capsule for your ex where he/she can just relax and think things over instead of feeling any pressure.

This move will make your ex realize that he/she still loves you and misses you and just like you, he/she will also feel the pangs of separation. This will make your ex regret his/her moves and make him/her more receptive to a reunion.

2- You too should use the cooling-off period to rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. Get fresh by working out, treat your body to a spa package and get some new clothes to attract your ex when he/she first sees you after the breakup.

This will deliver a double whammy to your ex. While on one side, it will shock your ex to see you looking much better than before, on the other side, it will also make him/her feel insecure that you might decide against a reunion.

3- Now that your ex is suitably impressed by you, try contacting your ex to work out a lasting solution to ensure that you both get back together again for good.

Sit down with your ex and get to the core reasons that might have led to the breakup. Make sure to crush and throw each reason outside the window so that no obstacles remain in your path to happiness. Be honest and watch your ex reciprocate with equal honesty.

These 3 fail proof ways are sure to convince your ex that your love is too strong to be just shoved aside. An improved you will further convince your ex that both of you are simply meant to be together.

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