3 Dirty Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - You Can Never Fail As Long As You Use These to Your Advantage

Published: 30th March 2010
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Whenever a relationship ends, it is heartbreaking for both the partners. But when you get dumped then nothing infuriates you more. Your self esteem gets a big blow and you start questioning your worthiness. But you have to understand that it is not always your fault. When all these things are considered there is a growing realization to get the beloved back. There are lots of ways to get your ex flame running after you. But since you have got dumped, why not try some dirty tricks as your ex flame.

Show your relief-

Your partner has already sent the verdict and you are in a state of shock thinking about as to what went wrong. The advice is to gather yourself together and show him that dumping has unleashed a breath of fresh air and you are relieved to be out of this relationship. Your confidence is definitely going to rub on your partner and will make him/ her reconsider the decision.

Make him/her jealous-

Nothing works more than jealousy. Go on a dating spree and start with his friends, colleagues or his foes. It will definitely turn him green with envy and he will start craving for you. Nothing ignites a person more than seeing an ex flame dating one of their acquaintances. Continue with your game even if there is slight resistance from your ex's side.

Playing the unattainable game-

Though he/she has dumped you and wants to get back with you and even you want the same; but play hard to get. The more he/she desires to get close to you, the farther you should get away. Make the person realize that you are not available at their beck and call and just can't abandon you. Be cordial but not close. Maintain a distance till they come begging. This will be a good boost to your self esteem.

All relationships go through lots of ups and downs. Sometimes we get over the difficulties and at time succumb to them. But once when realization sets in that whatever happened was wrong and it is in our best interest to make up with our ex flames, then no stones should be left unturned. After all everything is fair in love and war.

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