3 Dirty Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - You Can Not Fail After You Read This

Published: 28th April 2010
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If your ex has so far snubbed your suggestions to get back together, then this would require you to activate dirty psychological tricks that would attract your unwary ex back into your arms. Activate these 3 dirty tricks and watch your ex run back into your life....

Trick # 1 - Bye ex, it was fun knowing you. After mysteriously disappearing from the scene for a few weeks after the breakup, get back into your normal routine and do not let your ex witness the pain. Act as if you have decided to continue to your life as before. Even if you have to talk to your ex, then make it brief and formal. This will make your ex think that you have steeled yourself to move ahead in life without him/her. If your ex still has feelings for you then he/she is sure to chart out an action plan to win you back.

Trick # 2 - Date, party, mingle. These 3 words will get you noticed by your ex and also make him/her boil up with envy. Make it a point to appear at parties where your ex too is present and start flirting lightly. Show your ex that you are enjoying your life without his/her presence. This might sow the seeds of fear in your ex's mind that you might just get hooked to another person and decide to put the past behind. This will goad your ex into explosive action to get you back.

Trick # 3 - Get your ex's family to talk to your ex. While you are busy working on the above 2 tricks, also get in touch with your ex's family on the sly if you have had a great relationship with them. Ask them to talk to your ex and convince him/her that you might just slip out of your ex's fingers if he/she does not act fast to get you back. With your ex's own family on your side, your ex might simply get convinced that he/she was wrong and act quickly to claim you again.

Use these 3 dirty psychological tricks and watch you ex get unwittingly pulled back into your arms again.

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