3 Dirty Psychological Tactics to Pull Your Ex Back! Mind Blowing Tricks Which Always Work

Published: 19th May 2010
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After having been summarily dumped you now find that all your attempts at making up are being stonewalled by your stubborn ex. Take a step back and think calmly, you will have to change your strategy and try something new. Maybe dirty psychological tricks are the answer. If you are willing to try them read on they are not only powerful but also extremely effective in making your ex realize his/her mistake.

Stop pleading
Your ex is obviously deriving a lot of sadistic pleasure in seeing you beg, plead and argue for him/her to take you back. Shock your ex by suddenly disappearing from the scene. He/she will be expecting your call asking for forgiveness and this move of yours will send him/her in a stupor. All the pleasure he/she was deriving from seeing you miserable will vanish instantly and he/she will be the one that will now be bothered about your whereabouts and actions. Keep him/her waiting till it starts showing on their face. It is likely that you will begin to get missed calls on your cell or strange emails. Just ignore them.

Get a new look
This step will take some spending on your part, however, it is money well spent. Reshape your nose, get rid of the wrinkles and crow feet with the help of Botox or go in for a hair transplants. If you are a woman then get new implants and turn into a voluptuous babe instantly, you may also get rid of the cellulite and excess fat with the help of liposuction or plump up your lips. Looking great to save a relationship is one of the top 5 reasons why people have cosmetic surgery. This will cost you anywhere from $500 to $10,000. However, if you do not have the resources then you can always fall back on the tried and tested weight loss methods of working out and running a mile everyday.

Get a new love interest
With your new looks you will start to attract a lot of attention from members of the opposite sex. Flirt with them without any inhibitions and more so in front of your ex. Your ex has no control over what you do and now that you are free bird just do as you wish. Attend parties and functions where you can show off your new friend and make sure the word travels to your ex if he/she is not in attendance. This will unleash the green devil on your ex and it will be your turn to act high and mighty.

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