3 Dirty Mind Games Which Will Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You - Make Them Beg For Your Attention

Published: 27th April 2010
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Sometimes it does not pay to play the good guy or girl and if you have suffered the pain of a breakup and repeated rejections in trying to get back with your ex, then it could actually be time to get back at your ex with a little bit of vengeance. Read and implement these 3 dirty mind games which will get your ex back....

1st Dirty mind game - Hook up your ex with total losers. If your ex has decided to date other people, then it could be time to throw a spanner in those plans. Ask your common friends to intervene and hook your ex up with total losers that really aggravate your ex, of course without your ex finding out the truth. This will enable your ex to see you in an enlightened light and appreciate you even more than before.

2nd Dirty mind game - Spread the rumor that you are in the dating market. Let news filter down to your ex that you have started exploring greener pastures and are dating other people. This is bound to frighten your ex into thinking that you might just move ahead without your ex and that he/she might just remain a distant memory. Fear, insecurity and jealousy will ensure that your ex worriedly jumps to claim his/her prize, i.e. you.

3rd Dirty mind game - Frighten off your ex's possible dates. If your ex still decides to date other people, then frighten them off by getting a common friend of the opposite sex to call up the date and claim to be his/her 'original' partner, when they are enjoying a date together. This will ensure that your ex remains free from any potential vultures out there just waiting to fill your place. You can also use other devious methods such as anonymous emails or SMS to frighten off such dates. Of course, stay within the legal limits.

These 3 dirty mind games will ensure that your ex does not hook up with anyone else after your breakup and also covertly make him/her realize your true value even while you deviously plan to re-enter your ex's life.

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