3 Dirty Mind Games Which Will Get Your Ex Back - These Are Dirty But Deadly Effective

Published: 27th April 2010
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If your ex has broken up with you and does not seem to be responding to your overtures then it is time to use dirty mind games to shock, awe and confuse your ex into submission before getting them back. Read these 3 dirty mind games and implement them on your ex to get him/her back into your life...

1st game - Change your status from dumped to dumper. After your breakup, pretend that you have actually benefited from the breakup and are even happier than before. This will indicate to your ex and to others that you have actually dumped your ex rather than the other way round. This will also sow seeds of doubt in your ex's mind as to whether he/she has done the right thing by dumping you after seeing you deliriously happy after the breakup.

2nd game - Hover in front of your ex while ignoring him/her. Be seen at parties, get-togethers or any other social occasion. Remain in plain view of your ex and if possible flirt in front of him/her. This will make your ex wild with jealousy and also create a doubt in his/her mind that you might leave him/her forever. This will force your ex to act before it is too late.

3rd game - Send out confusing signals. Twist your ex's mind by sending out confusing signals. So, while on one hand you can tell him/her that you would just like to remain friends even after the breakup, on the other hand send him/her gifts, chocolates and flowers. This will bug your ex and confuse him/her no end since it will not make it clear whether he/she is still in a relationship with you or not.

These 3 dirty mind games will shock and confuse your ex and make it easier for you to regain control of your lost relationship. You can make your final move after assessing the situation and the mental state of your ex.

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