3 Dirty Mind Games Which Will Bring Your Ex Back - This Will Make Your Ex Chase You Around

Published: 27th April 2010
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Love has turned its face on you. Behavior issues, incompatibility, general indifference and so much more have marred your relationship. There was a time in recent past when you were looking towards a secure, love-filled adventure with this guy and suddenly he is no more there. If it's hurting you, then its time to try something out. If you know your man too well and know that most of the things would not work on him, just get on with being a little dirty. Few dirty mind games here and there wouldn't hurt you and would not hurt his chances of comeback. You can always do the explaining later....

Fake some chronic ailment- If you have always been a fake express, then it might backfire but if he trusts you on these counts then just fake the onset of some chronic illness. The guy will surely be run over by a swirl of sentiments. It will bring him closer to you. At such times, men really wish to show that they care. Yes, it might be out of pity first but then you will get your chance to have him close. You can always build it from there unless of course you are a moron

Fake falling for his best friend- This again is a teaser. Men do not like being collared in love by their own best pals. It gives a feeling of jealousy and also a lot of hard emotions. How can he bear that the girl who was a part of his life is being cuddled by his best friend, it simply makes him screech in disgust. But then, as the initial emotions draw to a close, he comes back to gain his girl. So don't worry, your dirty trick will work.

Blackmail him- Being as close as you were to him, you might know some of his secret that's really close to his heart. Claim that you will float it on a social networking profile. While this might piss him off further but for the time being he would come back .Show upfront emotional vulnerability and try winning him over then.

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