3 Brilliant Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back - These Work Astonishingly Well in Every Case

Published: 27th April 2010
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After breaking up with your partner you might literally be down in the dumps with no mood to enjoy your life. However, with just a little effort on your part, you can easily win your ex back and enjoy your life again. Here are 3 brilliant mind games to get your ex back into your loving arms....

1st mind game - Live a normal life. You need to show your ex that you have not been crushed by the breakup. Live your normal life. Work hard party harder and mix with your friends as if nothing has happened. Although it might be quite difficult, your ex is sure to notice your confident behavior and in turn will feel that you might actually survive and even flourish without him/her. This move will set the clock ticking against your ex.

2nd mind game - Tell your ex you are sorry. Apologizing quickly will throw your ex off balance mentally and release all the anger within your ex in one single stroke. Your ex will not have any reason to continue fighting with you and will now be open to getting back with you. However, this brilliant move will have bitter consequences if you do not mean what you say. Use this move with great care and make sure that your ex also apologizes for his/her mistakes to level the playing field again.

3rd mind game - Divide and rule. Try to get your ex's friends and family on your side. This will create a doubt in your ex's mind that you were right and that he/she was wrong in breaking off the relationship. Use those same friends and family members to reunite with your ex again. Do not forget to throw a great reunion party after you get back with your ex.

These 3 brilliant mind games will allow you to get back with your ex without your ex even realizing how you managed to pull those moves off. Use them with discretion and watch your ex slide right back into your arms.

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