25 Positive Signs That Your Ex Still Likes You! You Deserve to Know How Your Ex Feels About You!

Published: 26th May 2010
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You must know how your ex feels about you, because for all you know, they could still like you or even love you! In fact, your ex may want you back, but you cannot do anything unless you know the facts first!

Use these 25 POSITIVE signs to determine whether or not your ex still likes you:

1. Your ex tries to impress you with the new job, the new haircut, etc...

2. They are always there for you- whenever you need them, they will always be there.

3. Your ex calls you back ALWAYS if they didn't answer the first time.

4. Your ex keeps constant contact with you almost daily to see how you are doing.

5. Your ex keeps material items related to you from the past (pictures, clothes etc...).

6. They have not dated still, and can't seem to move on, and obviously are not over you still.

7. Talks about the past constantly, especially about YOU and things you did together.

8. Tells you how they want you in their future and their plans

9. Apologizes constantly and feels bad if they had hurt you

10. Never wants to let you go whenever you are around or whenever you call them

11. Stares into your eyes and wants to touch you and hold you

12. Talks about you proudly to all of his/her friends and family

13. Tries to improve and makes a huge effort to change

14. Makes attempts to look more attractive (working out more, changing wardrobe etc...)

15. Talks about what they would have done differently in the past, or how things could have been better.

16. Tries to listen to you more and understand you better.

17. He/she has tried to make you jealous by flaunting a new date in front of you or giving you the impressing they are dating again.

18. Remembers your birthday and goes out of his/her way still to make it special

19. Asks about your personal life, and especially concentrates on your dating life

20. You make your ex laugh still BUT they also try to make you laugh, especially by using "inside" jokes.

21. His/her online status STILL says that he/she is in a relationship with you, OR they still call you their boyfriend/girlfriend.

22. He/she tries to make you happy by doing things they think you may like, or inviting you to go on dates to do things with them.

23. They compliment you frequently, especially on your looks and how much they think you are beautiful/handsome.

24. Your ex actually tells you they love you and want to be with you still, but once in a while.

25. He/she tells you about their personal problems still and asks you for advice or help.

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