10 Ways to Develop Super Confidence to Attract Any Girl! Every Guy Must Know This

Published: 30th April 2010
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No girl wants to be seen with a guy that twitches nervously like a rabbit or speaks in a faltering voice. Girls like to absorb confidence dripping out from super confident guys....

Here are 10 ways to develop super confidence to attract any girl.

The 1st way is to simply convince yourself that you can attract any girl. Pump yourself first if you want your charm to work on others.

You will also need to dress smartly, smell like an attractive but macho flower and sport a neat haircut that suits your face and body structure.

Developing a special skill such as singing, playing the guitar or dancing is a sure magnet to get a crowd of girls around you while also boosting your confidence.

I would suggest that you try to impress girls on a smaller scale so that you can fine tune your skills before moving on to the cheerleading team.

A sense of humor is also an excellent way to impress and attract any girl. It can break the ice very quickly and make the girl instantly comfortable with you.

A little bit of snootiness too is a good way of indicating that you are super confident. Talking in a calm and composed manner too without raising your voice to a high pitch can have a calming effect on girls.

If you have muscles to flaunt around then wear the right clothes that bare your body. Along with attracting girls physically towards you, it will also act as a huge ego-booster.

Again, if you shower with money everyday, then showing girls that you are rich is sure to make even those girls that might have ignored you earlier, stand up and take notice.

Whenever you make an entrance, remember to position yourself in the centre of as many girls as you can. This will enable most girls to see you and you can now confidently talk your way into their hearts.

Along with your super confidence, also make sure to read the body language of any girl talking to you since it will provide a clear indication as to whether your charm is working on them or simply boring them.

Use these above ways to develop a killer confidence to attract any girl towards you like a female bear is attracted to a jar of honey.

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